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Sleep Outfitters Reviews

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  • sleep outfitters-bad mattresses

    I have tried to find two quality mattresses that would benefit me and my son, they were both which I purchased sluming down in middle of the mattress causing sleepless nights,then after purchasing another set, a foam mattress and another mattress for my son,my sons mattress ended up dipping,and my mattress was brought in dirty, I wiped it down with bleach to clean it,then I trid it out,wel I noticed my side is going numb sleeping on it and because im a side sleeper,i asked for a refund because I was dissatisfied with the quality of the matresses I pid thousands of dollars for,but they... More...
    latosha's Picture   latosha    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tempurpedic mattress

    Do not buy from Sleep Outfitters!!! I bought a top of the line tempurpedic from this company. The first bed that was delivered was clearly a used bed. The matress delivered had football size stain on the top of the matress. We immediately demanded another bed to be ordered. Four days later another matress was delivered. When the plastic was pulled off the second matress, it looked as if someone had taken a black marker and scribbled over the top of the matress. My wife refused the delivery. Third matress was delivered 6 hours later the same day and the matress looked new, at first. We... More...
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    Kelmin70's Picture   Kelmin70    0 Comments   Comments
  • status of refund

    I returned my Dormeo Mattress as it was causing me back pain. The mattress was picked up at my apartment (Tracy Donahue - 235 Tanyard Park Place #1, Louisville, KY 40229) on Tuesday, September 30th (15 days ago). Since I paid via cashier's check (at the Sleep Outfitters located at 5009 Mud Lane, Suite 101, Louisville, KY 40229.) I was told I would receive a refund within 7 - 10 days. I want to find out the status of my refund More...
  • King bed with poser base

    I had written a review praising the service at Sleep Outfitters. Unfortunately I am returning to state my disappointment. I was promised a 120 guarantee; after less than 2 months, my back (which I had surgery on in 2005) was getting significantly worse, resulting in increased medications and injections (costly, painful and worrisome) The only thing that had changed was the bed so I began sleeping in my guest room and my back began to improve. My doctor told me that I should get a sleep number bed as the support can be adjusted to best suit my needs. Under the 120 guarantee, I attempted... More...
  • Amazing

    Amazing Service - Temper Split King Mattress with power bases I recently visited the Sleep Outfitters store on Lexington Rd in Nicholasville, KY and Bought The Tempur-pedic TEMPUR-CONTOUR RHAPSODY BREEZE mattress and the Ergo bases $11000 My salesman, Christopher Rein, was awesome. When there was an issue with the delivery (from Tempur-pedic ) sending the wrong color mismarked on the box I notified Christopher Rein. He apologized profusely and stayed on it until my delivery was correct and checked in with me again to make sure I was happy with my purchase. His Boss is lucky to have him... More...
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    BHarris's Picture   BHarris    0 Comments   Comments
  • Junk!!!!!!

    Purchased the udream celeste firm mattress and box springs for a little over $400. It's just over 1 month and it's already sagging. I only weigh 120 lbs. so there's no way this could be the issue. I'm a single mom with health issues and a disabled child, very little income. Due to their return policies, it's impossible for me to return this and I'm stuck on a mattress which makes my body hurt even worse now. This place should be shut down! More...
    MHug's Picture   MHug    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sleep Outfitters Purchase

    At this point in time I'm not happy. When I wrote this I was extremely unhappy with the entire sale. I was pushed into a sale by the "Vice President". When I called CS about being unhappy I was they said they couldn't do anything it per their policy with the frame I bought. Just went back to the store and got Heather Ward as my associate. She spent two hour trying to help me with the correct bed for my health problems. She was awesome. She contacted the store manager and my new bed will be delivered this weekend. If you need a bed contact Heather Ward at the Lewis &... More...
    Lindylou's Picture   Lindylou    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amazing Service

    I recently visited the Sleep Outfitters store off Mud Lane in the Kroger Shopping Center here in Louisville, KY. My salesman, Dan Sowder, was awesome. I remember his name because he checked in to make sure I was happy with my service. When there was an issue with the delivery (from an outside company); I notified Dan. He apologized profusely and stayed on it until my delivery was correct and checked in with me again to make sure I was happy with my purchase. I don't usually write on-line reviews but that kind of customer service is extrememely rare and deserves to be noticed. As... More...
  • I work for Sleep Outfitters

    Please understand as readers that our competitors post these bogus reviews all the time. Our company which is listed under the Better Business Bureau as IMS (Innovative Mattress Solutions) has an A rating, which is the highest a business can be designated. We are honest people, we work very hard to fit our customers to their specific health needs and comfort preferences, and we beat ANY competitors pricing ANYWHERE you go. I lost a sale with a customer today because of these bogus reviews, and decided to take a few minutes to just ask you (the consumer) to come into any of our... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)

    I bought a "20 year" pillow top set from the Mount Juliet, TN store. I didn't have it 2 months when it started sagging. I've had it about 6 months now and it is sagging almost 2 inches. This company is MATTRESS WAREHOUSE who are famous for selling junk. Had I known this in the beginning I would not have bought anything from them. I took pictures today and I will be posting them on many websites such as Facebook, You Tube and a few others. I want the world to see the garbage they sell. More...
    mastrang's Picture   mastrang    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sleep Outfitters Mislead Customers!

    When looking for a new mattress to replace our 4 yr old non-flippable (Single sided) one, we stopped at the Mattress Outfitters in Georgetown, KY. We made known that we were looking for a flipable, double sided King Plush. We were told that due to fire regulations, no-one has made them for about 9 years. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Regulatlions have nothing to due with single or double sided, the move to single sided was an economic, profit making decision by mattress manufacturers. In short, double sided units are made and will last longer if flipped than single sided units. We do not like being... More...
    Customer1st's Picture   Customer1st    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible mattress

    I am so disappointed with this company. Having purchased a faulty mattress which was very expensive, I tried numerous times to contact customer service to resolve this issue. MY PROBLEM WAS NEVER RESOLVED AND THE COMPANY WILL NO LONGER RETURN MY CALL. Sleep Outfitters will not stand behind their product. Please consider other vendors as you will surely regret a purchase from this company! More...
    Twiceshy's Picture   Twiceshy    1 Comments   Comments
  • return policy

    How can you not allow the return of a mattess if only after a few days, regardless of the plastic? I understand the sanitary issues, but the protector is on the mattress. If a fee for sanitizing the mattress was required, thats one thing. But no return is ridiculous. No one can sleep on these beds with that thick plastic on them. I believe that is by design. More...
  • Poor return policy

    I purchased a very expensie S&F mattress this week. The return policy states you must leave the plastic on the bed. However, we found it IMPOSSIBLE to sleep on with this thick plastic. So no choice but to remove. This bed has literally crippled my back in days. It sinks in much more than the floor model. It is not the same mattress. Eithe way, they will not return cause platic off. Even though I purchased the $80 protector. very upset More...
    sboggs1's Picture   sboggs1    1 Comments   Comments

    I bought a firm comfortpedic mattress. After sleeping on the mattress we felt it was softer then the showroom mattress. After several trips back to the showroom we realized we must have a plush not a firm mattress. We contacted the main company and they sent out the delivery person to check the tag and take pictures. The gentleman said he did not know why he was sent, he only handles warranty defects. He did say he has seen mattress mistagged in the past. We received a letter that said "product does not qualify as a warranty defect". We called the company again and they said it... More...
  • Poor Customer Service

    We purchased a queen set in January. It now sags and has springs sticking out. It was inspected and found defective. but to get a new mattress they want me to pay 50.00 for delivery of the replacement. Why should I pay for replacing a defective product. They delivered the original one free, the replacementn should be free also. Who does that? I will not use them again, they do not stand behind their product, they do not respect their customers. I won't recoomend them to anyone. More...
    csrgirl's Picture   csrgirl    1 Comments   Comments
  • Donations for Non-profit Organizations

    I do not have a product complaint. I am wondering how Sleep Outfitters decide which non-profit organizations they will help. I ask for an item to be donated (I was hoping for a pillow) for use in a "Silent Auction" the animal rescue S.T.A.R. had in conjunction with a steak/chicken dinner. I put the request in writing and on the organization letterhead. After waiting a long time I went back and inquired as to the decision. It was denied. We had our fundraiser and at least 450 people attended, many of these were local politicians, businessmen and university people. I am sorry we... More...
    pat2dogs's Picture   pat2dogs    3 Comments   Comments
  • This company saw my review and fixed the situation

    We went to the Sleep Outfitters in Morehead Kentucky, my husband and I have both suffered extensive physical injuries and needed a bed to support our broken bodies, and we decided on a dual support bed, as both of us had independent injuries him needing a firmer bed and mine needing a softer bed, anyway we ordered our bed and were told we had to pay for it then wait a week since it was a dual support plush top bed. The bed was delivered and I was the only one home, I asked the delivery men which side was the soft side and they quipped they did not know and it was not marked, they dropped... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    dawnsaqqara's Picture   dawnsaqqara    1 Comments   Comments
  • lies

    walked into your store with good intentions until your salesperson ripped me over asking about one of your competitors...I ended up leaving and buying from the store across the street. you should really learn to be truthful and sell your features and benefits instead of bad mouthing your competition. More...
    czirc1's Picture   czirc1    1 Comments   Comments
  • customer service

    I went to Sleep outfitters at Polaris Mall, in Columbus, Ohio just last weekend. Instantly, a salesman, Bret Cummings helped. Initially, I was only looking and didnt want to be bothered by some salesperson. However, once he began to explain each mattress, I was really impressed. I left feeling like I knew the ins and outs of the mattress world. I knew exactly what bed I wanted (comforpedic) and didnt feel like any other place would be better. Thank you Bret Cummings! You are so knowledgable and helpful:) More...
    stacypo's Picture   stacypo    1 Comments   Comments
  • Stand Behind the Products you sell

    Saving a couple hundred bucks but ending up a several thousand dollar washboard is not a good deal. We purchased a Stern’s & Foster Governor's Palace pillow top mattress with Smart Latex. It was as comfortable as the sales representative claimed. At 6 weeks, there were noticeable depressions 1.3 inches. We contacted customer service. Response: Sorry, you took the plastic off and the depression are not greater than Manufactures (Sealy) specification (greater than 1.5) please contact the manufacture in 6 months. We appealed; they said they took it up with the manufacture... More...
    poorshow's Picture   poorshow    3 Comments   Comments

    We bought a mattress set for 2200.00 used it for 4 months and have noticed that it has body indentations where our bodies lay. I recently got an MRI on my back because this mattress hurts my back..It took 2 months for someone to come check and then they wrote back and said the indentations were not 1 1/2" deep they could not exchange..I even offered to spend an extra 2000.00 to get a tempedic but to no avail..DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CROOKS....VERY POOR QUALITY More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    pschmidt's Picture   pschmidt    3 Comments   Comments
  • After seeing advertisments for...

    After seeing advertisments for Sleep Outfitters we decided to purchase 2 mattresses from one of their stores 4 months ago...we have tried for 1 month to get someone to come inspect our mattress. Visually it is higher on the right hand corner than the middle or even the other side. It did not sleep well and we rolled to the middle. It is terribly uncomfortable. Finally a man came to "inspect" & measure the mattress. He was the "delivery guy" that had actually delivered our mattress in the first place. I received a call today from the Customer service man, He said... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    ShawnPope's Picture   ShawnPope    3 Comments   Comments

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Sleep Outfitters Comments

BHarris says: (3 years ago)
Amazing Service - Temper Split King Mattress with power bases
I recently visited the Sleep Outfitters store on Lexington Rd in Nicholasville, KY and Bought The Tempur-pedic TEMPUR-CONTOUR RHAPSODY BREEZE mattress and the Ergo bases $11000 My salesman, Christopher Rein, was awesome. When there was an issue with the delivery (from Tempur-pedic ) sending the wrong color mismarked on the box I notified Christopher Rein. He apologized profusely and stayed on it until my delivery was correct and checked in with me again to make sure I was happy with my purchase. His Boss is lucky to have him he saved the day. I don't usually write on-line reviews but that kind of customer service is extrememely rare and deserves to be noticed. As long as Christopher Rein is at my local Sleep Outfitters I will be sending everyone I know his way. Thanks Bobby Harris

CatherineBlair says: (3 years ago)
My exprience is that it took to long to get waited on. the person that was there was getting all of his attention, i was address a view times that he would get to me after a 40 minute wait i left. after reading some of the complaints i am glad that i did leave. it seem as though he could not have cared if i purchased anything
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Kytanna says: (6 years ago)
This absolutely the worst firm I have ever dealt with in terms of hypocrisy and lack of customer concerns. If you actually are considering buying a new mattress and care about after sales service or want to actual rest assured knowing the company stands behind its promises, STAY AWAY from this firm!!!

coco2 says: (6 years ago)
Glad I am reading these reviews. Most unfavorable. I was looking at a Stearns and Foster Governors Palace Firm. Feels great in the store, but I want nothing to do with a mattress that will sag in a few months, and a company that won't stand behind the product. It isn't possible for people to sleep on a mattress with that thick plastic and be able to know what it will feel like. I wish I could find a mattress that doesn't have a pillow-top or latex, or memory-foam. I just want a very firm mattress! No sinking in!

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